Career Postings

Coding Associate - CPC Certified Medical Billing and Collections Full Time BengaluruFresher11-03-2019
Patient Care Coordinator Patient Care Co-Ordination Full Time BengaluruFresher08-03-2019
Medical Billing Process - Night Shift Medical Billing and Collections Full Time BengaluruFresher16-04-2019
Tech Support Engineer Information Systems Full Time BengaluruFresher08-03-2019
Payment Posting Medical Billing and Collections Full Time BengaluruFresher16-04-2019
Medical Billing Trainee Medical Billing and Collections Full Time BengaluruFresher16-04-2019

Why Austin?

This is the beginning of our journey of commitment and continuous improvement to build a strong company. This is what we all want and deserve. Austin's success is built based on the drive, creativity and resourcefulness of its employees. Our Healthcare services will lead the industry because of your intense individual and team efforts.

You are also the reason why Austin's corporate culture is unique, & characterized by its diversity and energy. To support this culture, we strive to create a work environment that is challenging and satisfying on a professional level as well as on the personal level, with opportunities for you to strengthen and expand your abilities, and to achieve in ways that benefit both you and Austin. Austin’s approach to diversity is defined by inclusiveness, respect and fostering a culture that allows each individual to contribute to his or her fullest potential.

Our company is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity for all its employees. The very nature of our business dictates a high level of respect for the confidentiality and privacy of customer information. We have strict policies prohibiting activities that conflict with the interests of the company and its ability to provide unsurpassed service to our customers.

Working with Us

As a strategy of Austin, we practice highly streamlined and integrated quality system as part of our client engagement program. Our Quality Management System is designed to deliver superior quality of services with highest degree of reliability and professional integrity.

Austin is committed to quality by creating a work environment that encourages employees to focus on defect prevention rather than detection and correction. Austin constantly monitors its processes and skill sets in keeping with its practice of continuous improvement.

We foster an open culture where each member can express their views and opinions and decisions based on merits and objectivity.

Austin offers ample opportunities for growth and employees are encouraged to give their best. Employees can seek regular feedback on their performance. You can discuss aspects relating to your work area and seek guidance from your superior wherever required. Austin encourages staff to obtain formal training in areas where training is required. You can discuss with your superior any specific training requirement that will enable you to improve productivity. Formal training is provided either through internal or external programmers depending on the need.

Austin believes in an organizational structure that safeguards the following principles and core values: Employee Growth, Respect for the individual, Openness, Teamwork, Integrity, mutual trust and diversified culture.